About Oral Health Clinical Services

Over the past twenty years, Oral Health Clinical Services LLC (OHCS) has earned a leadership position by providing independent clinical testing and consulting services in the fields of Dentistry and Oral Health Care.

Oral Health Clinical Services LLC is considered to be a premier dental and oral health care product testing and consulting company because we have an ability to develop customized solutions to fulfill the needs of our clients. We have a record of accomplishments ranging from concept development, formulation of prototypes, proof of concept studies including methods development, in vivo, in situ and in vitro testing, leading to protocol development followed by human safety and efficacy testing for claim substantiation.

To ensure all our panelists’ safety all clinical trials are performed under GCP guidelines and each clinical testing protocol is reviewed by an independent institutional review board (IRB). Every facet of our operation is also monitored by our quality assurance program.

As OHCS continues to evolve, additional services will be provided to accommodate other  cosmetic and personal care products such as dermatological or skin care products.