Claim Generation

We think “outside” the box and use a variety of methods to find unique aspects of your products and help you devise studies and or develop protocols to generate claims for your product.

Claim Substantiation

We conduct all studies under CGP’s and follow all State and Federal Guidelines to conduct studies.

Proof of concept studies

We have expertise in developing protocols to help understand and possibly try to predict product performance in the market place and under the conditions of a clinical trial. Examples of these include our short term dental stain / teeth whitening model and our dry mouth or xerostomia models.

Protocol Development

We have extensive experience to develop protocols which comply with GCP practices and procedures.

Formulation Development

We have consultants available to us who are knowledgeable about ingredients used in personal and oral care products and their regulatory status.

Expert Opinions (Scientific, Clinical)

We help in this area by performing literature searches, and various types of testing and provide an opinion. We also provide opinions concerning your product by collaborating with local dentists and obtaining perceptions of dental providers and their patients.

Product Support (Publications, Lectures)

We provide assistance with writing papers for submission to journals. We also give lectures at dental meetings and continuing education classes to help support your product in the market place.