Oral Health Clinical Services is located at 31 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854. These include:

  • Four Operatories. Fully functional dental operatories painted neutral without outside windows. This design specifically minimizes issues related to related to ambient outside light polluting the clinical testing areas.
  • Two reception rooms. One reception room is used as a pre-examination room, while the other is used as a post-examination room. This design helps minimize panelist interactions.
  • Monitor Suite. This room has been specifically designed which enables the monitor to view the clinical testing area and at the same time conduct other   necessary work. The room also consists of a secure high-speed internet connection, a PC, a desk and a conference table.
  • Interview Room. Separate room where IC’s are completed and panelists interviewed.
  • Data room with a secure server.
  • Sterilization Room ensuring that all instruments are sterilized.
  • Chart room. This is a secure room with lockable steel cabinets to protect all data and comply with HIPAA.
  • Clean Room. This room is specifically designed to store and quarantine allvproducts.
  • Panorex Area. We have a state of the art digital panorex x-ray machine and state of art digital radiographic systems for examination of hard tissues suchvas caries and alveolar bone levels.